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LED Acrylic Wine Holder with Wood Base

LED Acrylic Wine Holder with Wood Base

Manufacturer of acrylic LED wine bottle display stand, also suit for the cigarette, drink, cosmetics
or other show displays.
Lighting effect: logo and the bottle standing place are illuminated with white LED.
When you put wine bottle on the stand, it will be beautifully lighting from the bottom.
Made by acrylic, customed shape and high light LED for beautifully showing the wine bottle.

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Product Details

Specifications and parameter 

1. LED display racks, illuminated wine acrylic shelf, led bottle display shelf

2. Dimensions:  any dimension available

3. Great for rental as glow led event furniture, led wedding furniture, led party furniture , led restaurant  furniture , led club furniture & decorations etc.

4. Ideal for rental company, event planner and decor, portable

5. each comes with remote and charger


Acrylic Wine Rack

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Acrylic Features

1.Shock resistance is 16 times that of ordinary glass, suitable for installation in the

special needs of the security zone.

2.Long life compared with other materials, products, long life more than three years.

3.Good light transmission, up to 92%, the intensity of light required for small, energy saving

4.Insulation performance, for a variety of electrical equipment.

5.Light weight, half the light than ordinary glass, building and support to bear the load

6.Colorful, high brightness, other materials can not compare looks of Plasticity, shape changes, easy molding processing.

7.Recycling rate, to enhance the environmental awareness of the growing recognition.

8.Easy maintenance, easy to clean, rain water can be naturally clean soft cloth or scrub with soap and can be. 

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